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Have you ever thought what would happen to your loved ones, if you are the sole earning member of the family, and die due to laryngeal cancer? Smoking tobacco causes this rare type of cancer, in which malignant cells form in the voice box or the larynx. You ought to realize that you cannot resist smoking because of addiction to nicotine and not to tobacco. You can easily enjoy their addiction to nicotine and avoid the dangers of tobacco smoking by switching over to electronic cigarettes. Tobacco smoke, apart from nicotine, contains vaporized tar along with thousands of minuscule particles of chemical compounds, including those that are carcinogenic. These particles also pose the same health-related dangers to the members of your family, particularly kids, and the elderly, when you smoke in a poorly ventilated room, where these particles float in the air and enter their lungs when they inhale.

Take preventive action today
Prevent this catastrophe from taking place by switching over to electronic cigarettes today. They cost less than traditional cigarettes. To make the deal sweeter, you can get special discounts on them with the help of coupon codes. You can rest ensure that you will not be able to get any such price reduction advantages with the traditional cigarettes. The problem is that most people have no idea about such coupons and they do not want to pay the hefty prices that e-cigs manufactured by leading brands command. The e-cigs look like a real cigarette and consist of two parts… the power supply unit and the vaporizer. The power supply unit contains a rechargeable battery, a wind sensor, a LED lamp on its tip, and a miniature electronic circuit board. The vaporizer contains an e-liquid cartridge placed inside a coil of resistant wire. A wire connects the power supply unit to the vaporizer.

How e-cigs work
When the smoker drags on the e-cig, the suction causes a vacuum to form within the unit and air enters from the tip and flows towards the vaporizer, triggering the air sensor, which activates the circuit. The battery supplies power to the coil via the connector wire. The coil, made of resistant metal, prohibits free flow of power, and heats up, heating the cartridge containing the e-liquid and vaporizing the same. The vapor consists of nicotine and water. The nicotine provides pleasure to the smoker while the water vapor simulates cigarette smoke.

Types of electronic cigs
You should start with a disposable model if you have never smoked an e-cig before. This provides you with approximately 300 puffs before you have to dispose it and purchase a new one. Once you are satisfied with the taste of these cigarettes, you should opt for the rechargeable models that consist of the main unit along with a portable charger, and a couple of e-liquid cartridges. They are cheaper than the disposable models and you can buy them at prices far lower than their list price with the help of coupon codes. In fact, you can use these codes to get discounts on everything related to e-cigs, including batteries, chargers, e-liquids, and much more depending on the model, you plan to use.

Using discount coupons
Using these coupons is a straightforward task. Visit the site offering codes for the brand of e-cig you prefer, select a suitable coupon, visit the site, make your purchase, and apply the code written on the coupon during the checkout process. After typing in the code in the space provided, click on the `apply’ button, and you will immediately see a discount on the total amount. Madvapes is one of the leading online stores that offers a huge selection of e-cigs, e-juices (in different nicotine strengths and a wide range of flavors), mods, and much more. Although the prices of their products are quite reasonable, you can avail special discounts with the help of Madvapes coupon codes. Search online. You will find many online portals that provide you with these codes. Some of the discounts available recently include:
• 30% off on all retro items
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It is the same for aficionados of Vaporfi brand of e-cigarettes and accessories. They can use Vaporfi coupons found on many online portals to save lots of money on purchasing their requirements from Vaporfi. Here are examples of the savings you can get through Vaporfi coupons.
• 12% discount on all products on their site
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• 50% discount on clearance items

Visit the site offering the discount coupons and click on the icon containing the word `click here.’ If you see a code, copy the same, and apply it during the checkout process. Certain coupon code sites redirect your browser to the vendor’s store along with the discount applied. Stretch the purchasing power of your Dollar with Madvapes coupon and Vaporfi coupons today.